Sunday, July 7, 2013

What Next ?

After seeing all of our different pieces  of dungeon furniture, what do you think we should make next ?

We've made the St Andrews Cross, The Medallion, The Birdcage, The Gate, The Horse and The Box.

But what next ??

We have though about a few thing. A dungeon bed, a slave cage and a CBT Device/furniture piece.

We would love to hear what you think should be next and what you would like to see from Sex and Metal in general.

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Stay kinky :)

Sex and Metal

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Torture Horse

We designed this piece for Domcon 2011.

For this piece of dungeon furniture we came up with a spanking bench that rocks which also has our signature steel spikes that gets locked off in to the subjects body. It also has a built in set of hand traps at the front for complete immobility.

Our friend Master D found out we were making another one off piece of furniture and as soon as he found out he called up to tell us he would buy it. With out even seeing it.

We told him no one is to see the piece before Domcon and that he would not be able to get his hands on the piece until after the convention. He was ok with that.

In this photo shoot by ProFotoLA models Mini Wheat & Missy Rhodes play on The Torture Horse.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Dungeon Furniture - The Medallion

The Medallion  

When we built the St Andrews Cross we figured that we have just put our variation on a piece of dungeon furniture that every other dungeon furniture builder has built before.

So we needed something original, something that would stand out amongst all other bondage apparatus.

So our designers came up with The Medallion.

Standing 8 feet in the air with enough tie off points to restrain about 4 people to it The Medallion is our innovative spin on the St Andrews Cross. It looks like a 8 foot around asian coin with dark medieval black marking visible through the candy apple red powder coat.

You could quite literally display this torture rack as a art piece and no one would know that is doubles as a kinky piece of dungeon furniture.

Check this shot out from Ken Marcus. I am not sure of the models name.


The Medallion Torture Rack. Dungeon Furniture by Sex and Meta;l

2 Dungeon Furniture Builders, Several Erotic Photographers, Tons of Hot Models & 1 Great Journey

The Human Size Bird Cage

Is the Sex and Metal Classic. This was the first dungeon furniture piece we manufactured for our debut at the LAX hilton for DonCon '09.

The cage has 32 strategically placed spikes that are pushed through the cage and into the body and the locked off with with the cage nuts welded on to the cage. Each steel spike pointing in a different direction from the other, the subjet is completely immobilized when sat in the cage this the spike all set and locked off.

There is a set of handcuffs welded above the head of the willing participant for further restriction and discomfort.

The keyhole base of the cage is perfect for teasing the subject's genitalia when he or she is restrained in this dungeon cage.
emily addison in the human size birdcage by sex and metal. Photo credit: Ken Marcus

Enjoy these images by Ken Marcus of Emily Addison in the bird cage

The Box

This medieval slave cage has four hooks on the corners so you can suspend the box and blow little kisses through to your subject while they are curled up in a confined space hanging at eye level.

We did show some consideration to the subject in the design on the box. We built in a removable leather cushion for the bottom of the box which can be removed if required or placed on the top of the box, making for a excellent suface bending our subject over for spanking. Sex and foreplay is also great this the cushion on top of the box as displayed by smokey and Shay in Ken marcus girl boy fetish shoot and Ken Marcus Studios.

He seems to be pretty comfortable, right ? I hope so!

Every Master and Mistress should have a slave cage --or The Box-- in Their dungeon.  The Box also doubles as a coffee table, simply throw a sheet over your slave and furniture piece and voilĂ  your slave and Slave cage can now be used to entertain.

Enjoy some of the various models  Ken Marcus has shot using The Box. Models ~ Caddy Compson, Smokey & Shay Golden, Emily Addison and Aria Giovanni

Come back soon as I have some more great photography to put up. :)